Hemp vs. Marijuana: All You Need to Know!

In your search for the best CBD products in the best-selling platforms, you will come across much confusing information on what makes the CBD that you are confusing! Hemp vs. Marijuana may all look like the same products, which is very accurate because they originate from the same family! But do they possess the same characteristics? What is it that causes the psychoactive feeling in cannabis? Why Hemp and not Marijuana? To answer this, you will need to pay attention to every detail in this insightful piece that elaborates on all the basics.

The Difference Between Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp is a general term that often defines varieties of cannabis that has 0.3% levels of the THC and below. It was not until the agricultural act in 2018 when the name was legitimized. In recent times, the Hemp was just a general term that was meant to describe the intoxicating properties of some cannabis where they are harvested for industrial use. Hemp defines the type of cannabis that is very rich in the concentrations of the CBD, and will only contain the trace amounts of the psychoactive THC.

Marijuana hemp oil, on the other hand, is a different type of cannabis plant with very high concentrations of the psychoactive THC. It contains more than 0.3% of the THC. Marijuana is a name that is not received well by other organizations because they consider it a racist name!

What Are Hemp and Marijuana Used For?

The argument about Hemp vs. Marijuana can be so extensive! They both offer a range of uses, therefore, necessitating to define what every plant will do. THC, which is very abundant in the Marijuana plant, is readily binding to the CB1 and the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which has been shown to have significant effects in altering the mind by bringing a euphoric impact.

It is, therefore, well-received for the recreational activities due to its amazing therapeutic properties Hempies. The Hemp, on the other hand, is harvested for multiple reasons including;

  • Medicinal purposes where they produce several products such as the CBD oil tinctures and the CBD infused topical.
  • They also make several CBD food products that you can find in most of the markets.
  • such as the cooking oil, the hemp flour, and many other hemp seed-based products
  • The hemp plant will also manufacture industrial products such as paper, building materials, and clothing!

Is the Hemp and Marijuana Distinction Useful?

It is wise to define the distinctive features of the Hemp and Marijuana to avoid confusion, especially when looking for medicinal products! You need to understand what every plant will excel in so that you choose rightly! For instance, in case you are looking for the CBD products that accord assurance of low concentrations of the THC, you will have to settle for the Hemp derived products.

But if you need some little THC strains that will be effective for recreation, then you can consider a product that derives its CBD from a marijuana plant! From this, you can be sure to settle for the best that will serve exactly what you want.

Why Industrial Hemp Oil Is Usually Not the Best Source of CBD

Now that Hemp is proving to be the best option, especially when you intend to use it for medicinal purposes, it has emerged that the industrial Hemp may not be the best source of Hemp! How is this possible? The industrial hemp plants will lack diversity due to their low resin contents, unlike the Marijuana plant that is very high in the resin content. The industrial Hemp requires the full spectrum properties that makes it a bit questionable source of the CBD.

Importantly, the Industrial Hemp may not contain any traces of CBD! The statement may be admirable, but more studies suggest that CBD and THC work together to give better results than when separated.

THC vs. CBD in Hemp Oil vs. Marijuana Oil

What separates the hemp oil vs. Marijuana oil facts is the THC and CBD concentrations. Hemp naturally has no traces of THC, while Marijuana has over 40% of its constituents being the THC! On the other hand, the marijuana plants will only contain the trace amounts of the CBD, something that exists in abundance in the hemp oil plant!

For any plant to be classified as Hemp, its flowers must have THC levels below 0.3%. It is impossible to get intoxicated when you consume the Hemp products, unlike the marijuana products that will surely warrant intoxication.

Legal Status of Hemp and Marijuana

The question of legalities when it comes to Hemp vs. Marijuana will significantly differ. Every state has its specifications, and therefore, it will be wise to look at it separately.

For the Hemp, the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution in the United States have been legalized after the passing of the farm bill 2018! You can legally purchase the CBD products that are derived from the Hemp in the United States. Marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal! The federal government does not allow the use of marijuana products, though, and it is legal is some parts of eh country due to the state-level medical and recreational marijuana laws.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: Final Thoughts

To conclude, the subject concerning Hemp vs. Marijuana can really be very complicated. It can be not very clear, but the differences can be apparent! Don’t live in a world of confusion, get the facts, and stay ahead of everyone!

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