Ingredient Comparison of the Most Popular Meal Replacement Shakes

There are numerous weight loss shakes in the market hence choosing one can be very difficult. To choose the best shake that will suit your needs, it’s important to compare ingredients, nutritional information, and cost. Isagenix, Herbalife shake, IdealShape, GNC Lean, Beachbody Isagenix, and Arbonne shakes are some of the best Meal Replacement Shakes.

Top meal replacements comparison

Best meal replacements and below is their comparison:


A reduced calorie intake leads to weight loss by sparking the metabolism of stored fat. The lower the number of calories in a shake, the more effective it is for weight loss.

  • Isagenix Isalean: 240
  • Herbalife Shake:90
  • GNC Lean Shake: 180
  • IdealShape IdealShake:100
  • Arbonne Essentials: 160
  • Beachbody Shakeology 160

In terms of calories, Herbalife Nutritional and IdealShape shakes are the best in this group.


High amounts of blood sugar in the system usually inhibits weight loss. The lower the sugar levels in a shake, the more effective it is for weight loss. IdealShape tops this sugar list as it only contains 1g of sugar.

  • Isagenix Isalean: 8g
  • Herbalife Shake: 9g
  • GNC Lean Shake: 5g
  • IdealShape IdealShake: 1g
  • Arbonne Essentials:9g
  • Beachbody Shakeology:7g


Fiber is a hunger inhibitor that helps to suppress appetite and food cravings. The content of the top meal replacement shakes contains:

  • Isagenix Isalean: 11g
  • Herbalife Shake: 3g
  • GNC Lean Shake: 8g
  • IdealShape IdealShake: 5g
  • Arbonne Essentials: 2g
  • Beachbody Shakeology: 6g

Arbonne shakes contain only 2g of fiber, but this is compensated for by its high protein content.


The higher the protein content in a shake, the more effective it is for weight loss and muscle development. The list below compares the protein content between some of the best meal replacement shakes.

  • Isagenix Isalean: 24g
  • Herbalife Shake:9g
  • GNC Lean Shake: 9g
  • IdealShape IdealShake: 11g
  • Arbonne Essentials: 20g
  • Beachbody Shakeology: 17g

Arbonne, Isagenix and Shakeology reviews show that these shakes have 20g, 24g, and 17g of protein which make them highly effective. GNC lean shake reviews indicate that it contains only 9g of protein which might not rapidly lead muscle growth.

A glass of Meal replacement shakes


The best weight loss supplements usually contain low amounts of carbs. The top meal replacement shakes contain:

  • Isagenix Isalean:24g
  • Herbalife Shake:13g
  • GNC Lean Shake:30g
  • IdealShape IdealShake:10g
  • Arbonne Essentials: 15g
  • Beachbody Shakeology: 17g

When taking carbs, ensure that they are complex. Simple carbohydrates are easily digestible and they quickly get absorbed into the bloodstream leading to high sugar levels. Note that shakes which have low amounts of carbohydrates are great for weight loss since they also contain high amounts of fiber. From the GNC lean shake reviews, this supplement contains one of the highest amounts of carbs compared to others hence it has a high-glycemic load which isn’t good for weight loss. IdealShape is a great supplement that can lead to rapid weight loss as it only contains 10g of carbs.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Pre and probiotics are important for digestive health.


These are beneficial bacteria which enhance gut health. They are found in the gastrointestinal tract and they offer a wide range of benefits which include enhancing the immune function, promoting metabolic regulation, cravings, enhancing bowel movements among others. Most replacement shakes have probiotics to enhance digestive health since digestion is also important for weight loss. Shakeology reviews indicate that Beachbody contains high amounts of probiotics which help to reduce the risk of digestive problems such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc. GNC lean shake reviews show that this shake doesn’t contain probiotics and it can sometimes lead to stomach cramps. Arbonne Shakes also don’t have probiotics hence their effectiveness when it comes to digestion is highly questionable.

The list below indicates if the shakes have or don’t have probiotics.

  • Isagenix Isalean: yes
  • Herbalife Nutritional Shake: no
  • GNC Lean Shake: no
  • IdealShape IdealShake: no
  • Arbonne Essentials: no
  • Beachbody Shakeology: Yes


Prebiotics are foods which probiotics need in order to survive and thrive. The best meal replacement shakes have prebiotic fiber which is used to feed the gut bacteria that promotes digestive health. All these shakes i.e. Isagenix Isalean, IdealShape shake, Arbonne, Beachbody Shakeology, GNC lean and Herbalife Nutritional shake contain prebiotics which helps to improve the gut health.


The best meal replacement shakes are affordable and offer consumers value for money. Most users need shakes which can be used for months hence they need to be cost-friendly. If a shake is expensive, users will end up abandoning it after a short-term use hence they won’t be able to fully experience its effectiveness. A good supplement should cost around $3 or less per serving. The average cost per serving of the most popular shakes are:

  • Isagenix Isalean: $3.71
  • Herbalife Nutritional Shake:$1.33
  • GNC Lean Shake: $2.19
  • IdealShape IdealShake: $1.67
  • Arbonne Essentials:$2.53
  • Beachbody Shakeology: $4.30

Although Beachbody is the most expensive shake in this category, the brand assures customers that the ingredients used to formulate this shake are of high-quality and users are guaranteed significant weight loss results that are unmatched.

Final Thoughts

When choosing meal replacement shakes, it’s important to compare different factors such as calories, carbs, sugar, fiber, protein, etc. Price is also important because the shakes are not meant to be used only once hence it’s vital that you choose a product that is affordable for long-term use.

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