Step by Step Method of Making Weight Gain Shakes at Home

Some people won’t put on weight, no matter what they do. The center of disease control estimates that 2% of the American public is underweight. And while this isn’t as chronic as the over 60% obese adults living in America, being underweight does have its shortcomings. For example, an underweight person’s body may not be able to fight off chronic diseases, since they may not have highly effective immune systems in place.  

It’s therefore important to supplement your diet, if you’re underweight, with supplements like nutrition shakes, to compensate for the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at peak performance. 

While the most effective means of gaining weight is through a healthy combination of diet and exercise, making homemade nutrition shakes for yourself is a good idea, if you don’t think you’re meeting your recommended daily allowance calorie intake.

How to Make Homemade Shakes for Weight Gain  

Step 1 

Pour a liquid of your choice into a blender. It could be any type of milk you prefer, 100% fruit juice, diet soda, vegetable juice or even just plain water. Your goal should be to make about 8 ounces of nutrition shakes in just one serving. You can make more if you want to drink it later. Do try to ensure you note the extra quantity so that you can add the extra ingredients accordingly.  

Step 2 

You can throw in a few frozen fruits, like unsweetened strawberries or blueberries. 4 to 6 should suffice. If you have just fresh fruits, you can use them along with some ice, then blend.  

Step 3 

Measure your flavors, orange, chocolate, or vanilla extract (if you want some lemon flavor, you can grate the back of the lemon into the mixture a bit). Flavor’s optional, but if you’ll be using some, use 1/2 tsp for every 8-ounce liquid.  

Step 4 

Cover the top of the blender with its lid, then blend until the mixture reaches your desired consistency. Let there be no stray lumps here or there.

Step 5

After you’re done with step 4, add in your unflavored or flavored protein powder. If you use a flavored protein powder, make sure it’s the same flavor as in step 3 for uniformity. You can either buy the protein powder you use, just like most dietary supplements for weight loss are bought, or you can make your own protein powder from the ground seeds of chia, almond or sesame seeds.  

Step 6 

You can now add any other ingredient you like. For example, adding organic peanut butter will turn your shake into a peanut butter shake since peanut is a very dominating ingredient. You can also add cacao powder or even oats if you want to feel full with the meal replacement shakes.

Step 7 

Cover the blender with its lid again, and blend on high speed. Check the smoothie’s consistency, before serving it into a glass.  

Ingredients for Homemade Weight Gain Shakes 

  • You’ll need a solvent, like milk, 100% fruit juice, or just ordinary water 
  • Frozen fruits or fresh fruits and ice cubes, 
  • Flavor extracts, like cinnamon or vanilla 
  • Protein Powders, either store-bought or homemade,
  • Extra ingredients like oats, peanut butter, or carbs  


In heavy amounts, protein shakes with more than 25 grams of protein in them can put an excessive strain on your kidney. So, it’s best to either use a prescribed recipe where you can tell the exact nutritional information or consult your doctor before you embark on your weight gaining journey.

Wrapping It Up 

The formula for weight gain is very straightforward – you consume more calories than you burn.

However, some people may find it difficult to actually apply this formula to their lifestyle. Either because of a medical condition or simply because they just can’t eat that many calories per day. So homemade nutrition shakes are like weight loss supplements for women and men, just for people who want to gain it not lose it.

Before going through with your diet plan, please get the ok from your doctor. So that you’ll know what your limits are and how the homemade shakes you’ll be making will interact with other prescribed medication.

That said, homemade shakes are a great way to add muscle weight since you’ll be monitoring all the ingredients that will be going into your shake. If something’s not working out, just find an alternative ingredient and you won’t have to toss all your ingredients away.