Does Fitbit App Really Help in Losing Weight?

Do you want to get active and eat healthy meals? Even better than that, do you want to manage your weight and sleep better? Well, you can do this with the help of an app. Weight gain is a global problem. And even worse is that it’s not easy to lose weight. However, you can improve your wellness by using a software program. Weight loss apps allow users to track their level of activities. Besides that, they are also great calorie counters. Fitbit is undoubtedly one of the best weight loss apps in the market and below is its review.

What is Fitbit App?

This is an Android and iOS application for tracking weight management. Fitbit App highlights your weight and nutrition stats. The application allows you to track your weight and see trends over time. Besides that, it has a food log to keep your calorie intake in check. This is a versatile app that effectively works to monitor your sleep. Apart from that, you can use it to measure your hydration.

Fitbit App Key Features

  • It uses GPS: this helps to effectively track runs, walks, and hikes.
  • Log Food: in order to know your overall calorie intake. The food log is also important in determining if you are eating healthy meals.
  • Track Your Daily Goals: the app gives you your progress over time. This includes things such as distance, steps walked, calories burned, and others.
  • Device Syncing: wirelessly sync this app with other devices such as Surge, Flex, Charge 2, Blaze, Alta, and Zip tracker.
  • Log Activities: such as workouts and yoga. This is definitely important if you want to burn more calories.
  • Engage in Competitions: compete with friends in the weekly or daily challenge. In addition to that, compare stats and make new goals.
  • All Day Heart Rate Tracking: this mainly facilitated by the Charge HR and Fitbit Surge.

Fitbit App Key Features

Premium Version vs. Free Version

Overall, this is one of the best weight loss apps in the market. Fitbit premium version vs. fee version are all different. First, the free version has basic features only. This includes the calorie counter, weekly exercise, sleep habits and food intake among others. On the other hand, the premium version is like having a personal trainer. You can upgrade to premium by paying $49.99 annually. Here, you have access to a digital trainer. Besides that, the premium version of the app also offers advanced tracking information, and personalized coaching tips, etc.

How the App Works

The main aim of this app is to be part of your daily life. The application offers users absolutely one of the best ways to maintain weightYou can integrate with Fitbit watch, to easily track your physical activities. Besides that, it offers multi-tracker support. This simply means that it works with multiple devices. For instance, you can use it with Fitbit surge to track your workout. In addition to that, you can use with Fitbit One to discreetly track your activity during the day.

Besides that, the app is also a calorie tracker. It effectively helps you to keep a food log. The barcode scanner is another excellent feature, especially if you are eating packaged food. Other features associated with the food log include meal shortcuts and calorie estimator.


Fitbit is definitely one of the best weight loss apps in the market. It features a high-quality design. In addition to that, it has a simple user interface that’s interactive. As a result, it makes it easier for users to log in their personal data. Other advantages of using this application include:

  • The free version of the app has great features.
  • You can use to count your daily calorie intake. Besides that, it’s also great in tracking the level of activity.
  • You get “awards” for hitting your goals.


Well, as much as this app efficiently helps you to track your weight, it has some downsides. This can make it difficult for users to monitor their progress, especially if you don’t own Fitbit watch. Disadvantages of the Fitbit app include:

  • The premium version is quite expensive.
  • You need to own a Fitbit device in order to gain the most from the app.
  • The trial period is for only one week.

Customer Reviews

Fitbit is definitely one of the best weight loss apps in the market. It contains amazing features which most people rave about. Numerous user reviews indicate that this is a highly effective and versatile app. in addition to that, it efficiently integrates your data to ensure that you attain your goals.

With over 450,000 downloads on google play, this 4-star app delivers great results. Most users are not only pleased with its functionalities, but also the community feature. The social aspect of this program is definitely important. It allows users to particularly interact with other likeminded people. The community support is also a great source of motivation.

However, not everyone has positive things to say about Fitbit. First, the trial period is too short. It only lasts for 7 days only. In addition to that, the features in the free trial version are highly limited. It should be noted that the $49.99 annual fee is very costly. You can actually enroll in a good weight loss program with that money.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Fitbit app is the perfect weight management companion. The app has a purpose for every part of your daily life. Although you can use the free trial version, it has limited features. To gain the most out of this app, simply enroll for the premium version.