Does the Lose It App Really Work?

Dieting and exercising are the two most effective weight loss techniques. But there is nothing as tiring as calorie counting. On the other hand, there are specific workouts for weight loss. Using a fitness app can help you to track your food intake. In addition to that, some offer insights to workouts that lead to weight loss. Lose It! is one of the most popular weight loss apps in the market.

Since it was first launched in 2008, this program has undoubtedly helped millions of people worldwide.  With millions of members and searchable items, this is definitely a great application. The Lose It! review below highlights some vital elements of this health and fitness app.

What is Lose It!

This is a calorie counting application. It’s normally used by health and fitness enthusiasts. The downloadable app allows you to set and track goals. Lose It! is an award-winning app that has previously featured in CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America among other sites.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Large food database: Lose It! has more than 27 million searchable foods in its international library.
  • Meal planning and targets: they help you to calculate calories per meal. Note that this depends on your personal goals.
  • Barcode scanner: the app quickly scans food barcodes in packaged commodities. Besides the barcode scanner can help search the database to track foods you previously consumed.
  • Track nutrients: you can effectively track more than just calories. This app allows to conveniently get insights of things such as proteins, sugars, carbs, and macros.
  • Snap It! this is a feature that allows you to easily keep a food log. With Snap It! simply take a photo of your food by tapping the camera icon. It makes food tracking easy and simple.
  • Recipes: Lose It! allows you to customize your weight loss journey. You can use personalized recipes to make meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Customized themes: this gives you a personalized feel that goes with your personality.
  • Fitness app syncs: you can sync Lose It! with other apps, trackers, and devices such as Fitbit scales, Healthkit, Google Fit, and Misfit trackers.
  • Workout guides: the app has a vast library of workouts. This is specifically designed to ensure users attain their goals on time.
  • Patterns: Lose It! allows you to learn your habits. It should be noted that the app offers exclusive personal insights as well as patterns. This is what will help you identify what’s promoting or hindering your progress.

Premium Version vs. Free Version

The free version of Lose It! app contains only the basic features. The app is available in Android and iOS devices only. However, the premium version contains more features. But to upgrade to it, you need to pay a subscription fee of $39.99 annually. Lose It! premium membership comes with features such as lifetime membership. In addition to that, users have the chance of customizing the health section, plan meals ahead, create custom goals, create custom challenges, get nutrient goals, and insights among others.

How the App Works

Lose It! is one of the best weight loss apps in the marketIt uses principles that are effective in tracking calories. Overall, this app educates you so that you can succeed. After putting up your profile, you can log in your details including your goal weight. Lose It! will use that information to provide you with daily insights. This also includes your daily calorie budget.

Overall, this app provides you with a picture of health. This means that it helps you set goals. You can choose a general goal type. Apart from that, you can choose a specific goal type. This includes items such as health, exercise, sleep, measurements, sleep, and nutrition.

In terms of nutrition, Lose It! allows members to track nutrients. This includes aspects such as macros, water, sugar carbs, and calories among others. The barcode scanner quickly scans packaged foods and searches the database to track food varieties you have previously consumed. There are over 27 million foods in the database. This means that you can basically find everything you are looking for.

If you are using the premium version, you can use this app to challenge yourself. Besides that, you can create challenges with family and friends. This is a great source of motivation to ensure that your change is positive. It should be noted that you can use Lose It! to get insights for success. This versatile application can also be effective in managing chronic conditions. If you want to lose weight but have a chronic condition, Lose It! is highly effective. It can help you to keep track of the blood pressure and blood glucose.


  • Provides reports on progress
  • Free to use
  • Extensive food database


  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Its time-consuming to log in food.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews show that this is certainly a great app. What most people love are the interactive user interface, simplicity, and effectiveness. It makes tracking of calories very easy. Besides that, it offers great insights into different workouts. With almost 80,000 downloads on Google Play Store, this app is undoubtedly effective. However, some people don’t like the intrusive ads. They can be very annoying and triggering. Additionally, the pop-up suggestions are sometimes not relatable. So, there is a need for improvements.


In summary, Lose It! helps to enhance the efficiency of your wellness journey. The versatile application has distinct features which will certainly help to enhance your transformation. Although you can use the free version of this app, the premium version is even better. It has personalized features which are designed to specifically cater to the personal needs of the user.