Lose Your Weight with Weight Watchers App

One of the best ways to manage your weight is by monitoring your calorie intake. Besides that, keeping track of your level of activity is important. A weight loss program that can do both can certainly help you quickly attain your wellness goals. Weight Watchers is one of the most popular programs with similar features. To help you understand how it works below is its review.

What is the Weight Watchers App?

WW, previously called Weight Watchers, is a program that advocates for healthy eating using a Point Value system. In order to use this app, you have to be a registered member of the Weight Watchers community. The effective weight loss program was first established in the 1960. Since then, it has significantly developed to be one of the best weight loss programs in the market.

Key Features

WW is a fitness tracker that allows you to effectively monitor your progress. There are multiple features which you can use to drop a significant number of pounds. In addition to that, this app helps you to build healthy life habits. Its key features include:

Food and Fitness Tracking

WW allows you to conveniently track your calorie intake. With a database that has more than 250,000 food varieties, you can easily determine your calorie intake. In addition to that, the app has a barcode scanner for packaged foods. It makes tracking of physical activities easier. You can even integrate WW with other fitness devices and thereafter convert your daily activities into FitPoints.

WW Recipes

This is a versatile app that allows you to experiment with different recipes. WW has more than 4000 unique recipes. Furthermore, you can build and save the dishes that you love. All these make staying on track very simple.

Rewards Program

To ensure that you don’t lose focus, WW has a rewards program. Once you hit your wellness goals, you will get a reward. Basically, this program rewards you for weight loss habits which obviously gives you more wins.

Community Support

Weight loss is usually challenging. But having a supportive community can help you to persevere and carry one. WW has a community group that offers support. The members-only social network allows you to connect and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

How the App Works

WW has consistently proven that it’s one of the best weight loss apps in the market. Normally, it involves tracking your calorie intakeEvery food that you eat is usually assigned a Point Value. Foods which have high calorie, saturated fats, and sugar content have high points. Conversely, foods which have less saturated fat, sugar, and calories have low points.

The Weight Watchers app has a program called the Freestyle. It defies legumes, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins as zero-point foodsThe main reason they are labeled this way is in order to encourage dieters to consume them more often. This is because they contain healthy nutrients in high amounts.

It should be noted that when you sign up for this program, you need to select a package. A package may contain items such as personal coaching and in-person meetings. Once you have selected a suitable plan, you will be able to log into the free app. the weekly weight loss points vary depending on your goals. This means that you can also have a zero-point day where you can eat a wide variety of meals.

How the App Works


Now that you know how this program works, it’s important to understand its benefits. Is it worthy to invest in this weight loss program? Some of the main reasons why WW is a good weight loss program include:

  • A wide range of food varieties: no foods are forbidden. Well, this is because the app uses a point system.
  • Nutritional tips: WW members are normally exposed to beneficial nutritional tips from the start.
  • It encourages plenty of exercising: this weight loss program encourages users to engage in daily activities.
  • Slow and steady weight loss: members normally lose an average of 1-2 pounds weekly.


WW is a highly attractive program. It’s definitely one of the best weight loss apps in the market. However, not everything is attractive about it. Some of the drawbacks of enrolling into this weight loss program include:

  • The group meeting isn’t attractive to everyone.
  • The program is very expensive. It should be noted that the monthly costs vary depending on your package.
  • The weekly weigh-ins are absolutely not necessary.
  • The SmartPoints counting system is tedious. The whole process is time-consuming. Additionally, it’s not suitable for dieters who what a simple eating approach.

Customer Reviews

Generally, customer reviews indicate that WW is a great program. There are many testimonials indicating that users have attained positive results. One of the beneficiaries of this program is Oprah Winfrey. WW encourages home cooking. Besides that, members are normally encouraged to eat zero-point foods. So, users normally end up losing pounds natural, slowly but steadily.

However, there are some people who are not pleased with this program. First, the SmartPoint system is tiresome. Most dieters simply want a quick and simple approach to eating. Besides that, it’s quite expensive.

The Bottom Line

To sum everything up, WW is a great weight loss program. The availability of a wide range of recipes as well as community support is very important. In addition to that, the nutrition tips, cooking advice, as well as lifestyle education are all crucial for overall wellness.


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